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Winners Circle: Camille Chang Gilmore, MBA

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Camille Chang Gilmore, MBA, VP Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Boston Scientific

Camille Chang Gilmore, MBA, VP Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Boston Scientific

COLOR’s Winners Circle is a special online publication series. The Winners Circle is an opportunity for past award honorees, winners and finalists showcasing their accomplishments since receiving their awards.

By Evan J. Cutts

Suwanee, GA — Camille Chang Gilmore is a highly accomplished Vice President of Human Resources with more than 15 years of experience enhancing organizations through human resources and marketing leadership. Her Expertise in development and implementation of strategic human capital programs streamlines operations and retains top-caliber employees. Camille is recognized for her ability to train and lead high-performing teams, facilitate communications at all levels of organization, and devise innovative, diversity-generating employment programs. A Proven track record of multimillion-dollar budget management, conflict mediation, merger and acquisition-related policy development, organization change management, and business process improvement have all led to her numerous awards for business leadership.

What have you learned since winning your award?
Diversity is a given, inclusion is a choice, equity is the goal, and belonging is the ultimate outcome.

Where has your career taken you since you were honored?
20 years of Human Resources experience has allowed me to drive, positively influence, and impact diversity, equity and inclusion, community, and health equity strategies across the organization.

Have you traveled to any interesting places? If yes, what have you learned from your new experiences? 

In 2021 my family and I travelled to Egypt for the first time; it was the experience of a lifetime. The hospitality, knowledge, and kindness of the Egyptian and Nubian people was just overwhelming. It was one of the most flawlessly executed international trips I’ve take in a long time. Everything was meticulously planned down to security, supplies of face masks, and hand sanitizers to the required PCR tests going to and from the country.

We traveled all over Egypt with amazing friends and family: Cairo, Aswan, Abu, Sunbul, Kom Ombo, Badraschen, Edfu, Esna, and Luxor. We rode camels, visited the pyramids, took photos at the foot of the Sphinx (a truly special treat), flew high in a hot air balloon an watched an Egypt sunrise and then cruised the Nile all in 10 days! Egypt links northeast Africa with the Middle East and dates the time of the pharaohs! To be on the continent of Africa after 2020 was so emotional. I learned a lot that is not taught in our history books or school systems.

In what ways have you sought out personal growth and enrichment? 

As a part of McKinsey’s committed actions for racial justice and equity they created the Black Leadership Academy. I was fortunate to participate in the Black Executive Leadership Program (BELP). BELP allowed me access to a global network of Black executive peers from different industries and disciplines. The program offered me the space to define and evaluate my brand, while capitalizing on my personal strengths. I also deepened my sponsor relationship with my C-level executive sponsor with Boston Scientific.

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