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Taj Pannell 

Talent Engagement Program Manager at LinkedIn

Founder + CEO, Believe You Me

Throughout her corporate tenure, Taj Avaje has become an inspiring thought leader in talent engagement, career strategy, and behavioral change dynamics. She has helped over 700 top tier companies holistically shift their branding and recruiting strategy to hire exceptional talent and build diverse and winning teams. As a champion of inclusivity and belonging, her focus is now to break the cycle of corporate traumatic stress disorder by empowering others to align their passions with their paycheck and find joy in their careers.

As an entrepreneur, Taj dedicates herself to energizing humans to tap into their true potential and find freedom in all areas of their life through awareness and massive action. Her company Believe You Me specializes in personal and professional transformations, advocating for people of color to step into their authenticity, redefine their belief systems, and learn to live with intentionality, rooted in the clarity of the life they truly want and deserve.

Taj has her MBA in marketing and corporate strategy, currently works at LinkedIn, and is a licensed hypnotherapist specializing in rapid transformations and quantum energy healing. Her drive to impact change for her community stems from lived experience, identifying and eliminating her own unconscious beliefs while exploring the triggers of life-changing mindset shifts and what it means to create your own reality.