Nonbinary at Tres Gatos

For the month of January, Tres Gatos will be hosting an exhibition featuring selections from Leah Eve Corbett’s body of work, “Nonbinary“. The exhibit opens on Thursday, January 11th at 6 pm.

Leah Eve Corbett is a nonbinary, queer photographer and artist, focused specifically on environmental portraiture. Using a mixture of film and digital photography, they aim to address social issues and themes in their work, such as gender nonconformity, queerness, unconventional relationships, and the idea of home. The intimacy between subject and photographer is vital in their attempt to break down classic power dynamics. Through collaboration with their subjects, both performance and vulnerability allow for three-dimensional narratives to be spotlighted.

Show curated by ER O’Leary

“Nonbinary” is a series of photographic portraits that address new stereotypes formed from society’s desire to categorize all identities into simplified, comprehensible genres. Gender nonconforming, genderqueer, gender-fluid, and agender-identifying people now have pressure to fit into what is becoming a fixed aesthetic of the “nonbinary” – an aesthetic that often equates “genderless” presentation with white masculinity. Through initial fashion shoots followed by intimate weekend residencies at each subject’s home, I aim to portray multi-dimensional nonbinary narratives in a new world where gender as we know it can be left at the door.

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