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Kurt Faustin 

Executive Director at Entrepreneurship for All & Founder of The Dropout Academy 

Kurt Faustin is an influential speaker, thought-leader, entrepreneur, and Founder of The Dropout Academy, a career development organization with a focus on mental and emotional wellness. In 2022, he joined Entrepreneurship for All as its Executive Director to serve as a steward of EforAll’s mission and stakeholders, collaborating with a creative and resourceful team that enables entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into businesses.   

Kurt has an unwavering commitment to ensuring permanent change within the mindset. He is a prominent orator that discovered the philosophy called Emotional Empowerment which empowers your emotions to help drive you towards your success. Thus, speeding up the process of turning your dreams into reality. An award-winning speaker, the depth of Kurt’s talks ranges from identifying and being intimate with your dream to taking the next steps toward achieving your dream. He has worked with publications and outlets including Strong Women Strong Girls, Boston Public Schools, Boston Pre-Release Prison, and The Huffington Post. 

Additionally, his talks address and remove the mental barriers that hold people back from striving towards their goals. Kurt also volunteers at the Massachusetts Community Outreach Initiative (MCOI) whose goal is to create a positive transition and support system for men who are released from prison.