Ethan Anthony

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ethan Ethan Anthony

Founder & CEO — CrankChart

Ethan Anthony is an accomplished technical author, autodidact of behavioral psychology, and successful innovator. Most recently, Anthony founded CrankChart and set on the journey of converging Artifical Intelligence (A.I.) and Behavioral Psychology to help businesses achieve high impact outcomes from analytics. CrankChart is a communication platform designed to create alignment between decision-makers and data professionals by leveraging behavioral psychology and machine learning/A.I. as supporting mechanisms.

Ethan is trilingual (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese) and a highly sought after tech startup advisor who has lived on three continents while spending over half his adult life in the Far East (Greater China Region).

Prior to founding CrankChart, Ethan gathered over a decade of experience with XResults Inc., a company focused on making big data for corporate stakeholders more accessible; He continues to shepherd the development of data into fully-fledged product solutions in the capacity of Analytics and Visualizations Technologist. Ethan also maintains an advisory role for Hound Software, which aims to provide intelligent process automation solutions for its clients.

Currently, Ethan is pursuing his Masters in Software Engineering from Harvard University, where he already possesses a Graduate Certificate in Data Science. Additionally, Ethan serves as an SBA SCORE mentor. In this role, he assists startups and small businesses in areas ranging from go-to-market strategy to ideation and product execution.