THE D&I Roundup from COLOR – July Edition II

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In this issue, Steve Pemberton, the Chief Human Resources Officer at workplace recognition company, Work human, details how people are an organization’s greatest asset, Dr. Phyllis Hubbard addresses the elephant(s) in the room that prevents us from challenging our bias, and Facebook’s Maxine Williams discusses the importance of diverse hiring in Big Tech. Access your D&I news below: 

Steve Pemberton, Chief HR Officer at Workhuman

Value of Workplace Diversity to the Larger Society

Steve Pemberton, the Chief Human Resources Officer at workplace recognition company, Workhuman related his life story in a book and how it relates to his profession. Seeing people for who they are and embracing a “human” workplace—one that sees people as the organization’s greatest asset—point leaders to the broader message of how diversity can work effectively in the larger society, Pemberton says, and recognition plays a role

Maxine Williams, Chief Diversity Officer of Facebook

Facebook’s Maxine Williams on Why Employee Diversity Is a Must-Have for Big Tech

Facebook’s Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams believes that “diversity of thought” is critical because it helps build “equal value” products for a global community. In an interview with Eurnonews Next, Williams said “Cognitive diversity is what we seek. That is to have teams where people think differently, because we know from the research that if you think differently, it gives you more advantage.”

Three Elephants Blocking Our Healing: Reflections on Race, Society, and Wellness

Racial dynamics in the United States, and the world, are multilayered and hold many shades of gray. In order to navigate through these layers of gray, thoughtful analysis from an array of vantage points is required. In part one of a multi-part editorial, Dr. Phyllis Hubbard invites readers to embark on a journey of self-reflection using her experiences as a Black woman in the US as a road map toward racial awareness and healing.

NOMINATE: Women of COLOR Innovator Awards

The Women of COLOR Innovator Awards (WOCIA) honors professionals and institutions whose new and creative businesses, products, and/or ideas help foster innovation in diversity, equity, and inclusion and other industries. Nominate an Innovative Women of COLOR today!

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