Aaron A’Vant

 Account Executive — The Bulfinch Group

My goal is to serve and educate the communities for which I am passionate about — my mission is to help individuals, families and business owners improve financial clarity. Financial clarity, which can be liberating, means never having to agonize over your financial decisions. It means truly understanding why you are making the decisions that you are making which in turn provides financial confidence and helps reduce stress during challenging times. I want all my clients to be able to experience this type of financial clarity.

Financial clarity cannot exist without knowing where you want to be and I work closely with my clients, utilizing the resources at The Bulfinch Group, to help build a process that helps you define your personal version of success. We’ll work closely with you to provide custom financial guidance, help optimize your resources for today, and position you for sustained future success, so you can live your best life.

When I am not working, you will find me giving back to my community, which fulfills me and drives me to create impact. While in college, I helped raise $15K for the Children’s Miracle Network. I was also one of 50 students chosen, from MA/RI/CT, to participate in the College Leadership Rhode Island program to facilitate networking and education in the public/private/non-profit sectors. Currently, I am also on the Community Advisory Board for the Rhode Island Black Business Association. A Rhode Island native, I now reside in Swansea, MA, and spend a lot of time trying to make a difference for my community. In May 2020, I organized an impromptu fundraiser for the Black Lives Matter movement where I biked for 76 miles and helped raise a little over $8,500.

I earned my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island.