Yvonne Garcia: Modeling Global Leadership

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By Monsurat Olugbode

Boston, MA — Yvonne Garcia is the Senior Vice President of Investment Manager Services & Global Head of Client Solutions at State Street Corp. Although Garcia’s schedule is kept busy with work and business-related travel, she still finds time to give back to her community.

Garcia received her MBA from Boston University, which led her to become a broker at Merrill Lynch, and after holding several leadership roles in some of the most prominent companies in the Commonwealth, now is a Global Executive at State Street Corp. As Global Head of Client Solutions, Garcia travels globally and works with numerous people of various diverse backgrounds.

“Working with a global team is rewarding. It’s nice to be able to work with people from different walks of life, different perspectives and experiences. When you collaborate with people from all different parts of the world, your solutions tend to be more creative and innovative,” she said.

Garcia grew up in a bilingual home with parents from the Dominican Republic who instilled in her a dedication to family, community and hard work.

“My parents really reinforced the importance of being bilingual and appreciating our language, culture, and traditions at home. It was equally important to be able to enter and adapt to different environments while bringing my whole self to the table,” she said.

As a child, Garcia created personal small business ventures like a front yard book sale or loaning small amounts of money to her siblings with interest – business was in her DNA from a young age.

When she isn’t problem-solving around the globe or earning her Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Cambridge College, she finds the time to uplift her fellow Latinx professionals.

Garcia has served as the Chairwoman of the non-profit ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America) since 2012. ALPFA empowers Latinx professionals with career advice, mentorship, networking opportunities, essential career development training, and more.

”Having my children motivated me to ensure that I become their greatest role model. I want to inspire them and encourage them to do great things in life and that with a strong work ethic and passion, anything is possible. But, being successful isn’t good enough; we need to uplift our communities as we climb.”

As a woman of Color, Garcia believes “that with the right mindset, focus, and perseverance we can get [anywhere]. We need to look out for other women, refuse to settle, ask for that promotion, and ask ‘why not me?’ Let’s be proactive and intentional; no one will hand us the equity we deserve. It is up to us to make it happen!”

Yvonne Garcia will serve as an Executive Panelist at the SOLD OUT Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference hosted by State Street Corp on Friday, June 22nd, 2018.