Young Latina, Laurie Hernandez, is Going to the Olympics!

When Laurie Hernandez’s parents put her in ballet classes as a young girl, they never expected that those classes would be the stepping stones toward becoming a gymnast. Hernandez started taking gymnastic classes when she was five years old. After a few years of taking classes, she was thought of as an elite gymnast and started getting coached by Maggie Haney.


By going to the Olympics, Hernandez is the first U.S.-born Latina to compete for the U.S. gymnastics team in more than thirty years. With her background in dance and her fun routines, it’s no wonder she’s on her way to Rio—she’s a sight to see!


The New Jersey gymnast has become a fan favorite as she shows more and more of her personality with each and every one of her routines. She has also claimed the all-around gold at the national championship in 2015


Be sure to keep your eye out for this talented future Olympian, Laurie Hernandez! You can see her floor routine here.