Women Who Lead in Tech: Comcast 

By Andre LaFontant and Karla Amador

jaspreet-hs-ebi_1200 Jaspreet Dillon is one of the leading mobilizers strategically developing transformative experiences as the Vice President of Strategic Analytics at Comcast Cable EBI (Enterprise Business Intelligence).

She is a motivated team builder and who is inspired to guide her teammates to reach their highest potential. “I can not be successful if my team is not successful,” she explains. “In other words, be passionate and empathetic. Passion inspires higher standards, empathy builds trust, and both provide direction when needed.”

Leaning into these skills is also how Jaspreet takes action to create positive organizational change. “The first step to implementing organizational change is to ask these questions: Where do I start? Why Care? And what impact will it have for our business?”  she says. “If I’m not able to answer these questions, then I will not have my pitch ready to deliver to our sponsors.”

To answer those questions, according to Jaspreet, one must be willing to take information from a variety of sources. “I enjoy learning and hearing from various individuals, including those who are recent graduates and are providing solutions to complex issues, as they all have something different to offer,” she explains. In order to drive necessary changes forward and achieve greater goals, working collectively is a must. 

imani-hs_1200Growing up as a military kid, Imani Breaker, the Vice President of Applied Analytics in the Enterprise Business Intelligence Organization at Comcast found great comfort in embracing new places. “I actually graduated from high school on an airbase in Germany, with typical school trips taking us to Berlin or Luxembourg,” she explains. “From an early age I became so fascinated with how differently people live and I always enjoyed learning about where I happened to travel. I feel like that has allowed me to be more open when I come back to the states, embracing the differences amongst our community.”

As that humble military kid, Ms. Breaker constantly wished to understand new spaces and find connections between people that seemingly weren’t possible. “I think that because I’ve moved around so much and met so many different people, the things that people are just learning about in terms of diversity, I’ve already experienced,” she begins. “That translated to my career, as I found it to be so important to find the things that bond us, no matter what place in the company you come from.”

Through the course of 25 years of professional experience—15 of which involve high-level leadership—Ms. Breaker cultivates her tendency to make disparate connections. Although her background in Political Science doesn’t lend to the technological space at first glance, Ms. Breaker is invaluable to her company because of how she leverages her strengths in relationship building and never stunting her capacity to learn. All the while, as she’s done since she was a child, Ms. Breaker relishes the opportunity to maximize the potential of initially foreign settings. “Because women are still pioneering in the tech space, it remains important to secure a seat at the table towards the goal of permanently shifting the cultural dial.”