THE D&I Roundup from COLOR – September Edition Part II

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In this issue, we tapped Women of COLOR Innovators Angela Patton and Venita Fields to learn more about their unique journeys of success, innovation, and empowerment; Dr. Phyllis Hubbard shares part two of her fall-themed self-care journey and a former member of the Foreign Service calls for greater D&I efforts in the field. Access your D&I news below: 

Angela Patton (courtest of Girls for A Change)

Angela Patton: Nonprofit Innovator

Angela Patton is the CEO of Girls for A Change and recipient of the Publisher’s Award for Nonprofit Innovation from COLOR Magazine. Angela is described as “an ambassador for who she calls “at-promise” (as opposed to “at-risk”) girls and a serial innovator.” She met with COLOR’s staff writer Andre LaFontant to unpack her dreams of transforming the narrative around young Black women and girls.


Venita Fields, (courtesy of S2k Pelham)

Venita Fields: Finance Innovator

Venita Fields is a Partner of Pelham S2K, a member of the Pelham S2K Investment Committee, and 2021 Women of COLOR Innovator Award Recipient in the category of finance. She sat down with COLOR to share her passion for finance and reflect on some of the leadership skills instilled in her by her role models at an early age.




“America” by Norman Rockwell

Making Diversity a Priority in Foreign Service

A former member of the senior foreign service published an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun, urging more diversity. While some progress has been made, a 2020 GAO report identified a drop in the overall percentage of African Americans in the Foreign Service, and significantly lagging promotion rates for all ethnic minorities. The lack of racial diversity at the top is also troubling — only 3% of the Senior Foreign Service are Black, 5% are Hispanic, and less than 4% are Asian-American.



Fall Back into Self Care- Part 2

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard returns to share with us her personal and professional advice for falling back into self-care this season. Learn how returning to nature can help invigorate and empower you to take care and take off this fall. Make sure you stay tuned for the healing three-part op-ed series.






book cover

Authors of COLOR – Hispanic Heritage Month Edtion

Dr. Pablo Rodgriguez, MD – A BiographyTomas Alberto Avila is a Latino writer and biographer endeavoring to highlight influential members of the Latino community. In November 2019, he published a biography of Dr. Pablo Rodgriguez, MD, community leader, producer, and host of Nuestra Salud. Avila outlines Dr. Rodriguez’s active participation in civic and charitable organizations, both locally and nationally, as well as his contributions to medicine and education. Learn more about Dr. Pablo’s incredible career and community service today.





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