Venita Fields: Finance Innovator

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By Andre LaFontant

There is an age-old adage that speaks to change being the only constant in life. Without fail, the most successful people on Earth trace into those ebbs and flows, choosing to leverage them to their benefit. Enter Venita Fields, Partner at Pelham S2K Managers LLC. When opportunities came, I took them,” she says. “I try to remain as confident as I possibly can, knowing that things will work out and I will be successful. On the off chance that I don’t do everything that I expect, is it all that tragic? I can’t lose if I understand what skills I can take with me that will help in the next reiteration of myself.”  

Fields’ confidence, coupled with an unbridled sense of curiosity, has served her well in her career. Along with her duties at Pelham S2K Managers LLC, she is the board director of five different companies, which range from IMA Financial Group to Derry Enterprises, Inc. I’m in a constant state of learning,” she explains. “I think that there are some common themes within most businesses, regardless of industry. So it was a lot of fun as a financial professional to learn about all these different companies and how they turn a profit. I’ve always remained fascinated by the entrepreneurs and small businesses who have figured out ways to make money based upon the needs they evaluated.” 

As she continues to seize opportunities to grow and learn, Fields is forever cognizant of the habits for leadership instilled in her at an early age. She explains, “my role models were my parents. My mom was always in some kind of leadership position in our community and I thank God that she dragged me along with her, watching her run so many meetings and touch so many people.”