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Rinne-Julie Früster

Rinne-Julie Fruster (They. Them. Theirs.) is a queer, Afro-peruana, bruja, equity consultant and facilitator born and raised in E. Hartford CT (Podunk and Wangunk lands).  Rinne-Julie has been equity-based and social justice-related education since 2016, around the time they started organizing at their own alma mater, Lasell University.

Since finishing their bachelor’s degree in Communication and Leadership in Diversity Inclusion, they have work with students ranging from elementary to mid and senior-level professionals in public schools, universities and nonprofits across the country.  They have facilitated and taught on topics ranging from generative conflict and collective care to unpacking white supremacy culture, institutional oppression other DEI concepts. They have spoken/ partnered with organizations like the YWCA, HomeBase, The University of Kansas, the Consortium for Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, and spoken on various local community panels.

Right now, they are currently serving as the Assistant Director for Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Bryant University, as well as an equity consultant for Radicle Roots Collective. In each of these spaces and roles, Rinne-Julie thrives when centering BIPOC and Queer joy, healing, and reconnecting back to the earth in their work.  When they aren’t working, they love tackling their library of books yet to be finished, exploring new trails, dancing, moon gazing, and most of all, cooking with loved ones.