Reprioritizing Healthcare Through BRGs

By Evan J. Cutts

Sustaining successful adherence to a company’s mission, vision, and values requires investment in its principles and employees. Rebecca Rosen, PhD, the Business Diversity Program Manager at Tufts Health Plan, is tasked with maintaining this important balance through developing internal initiatives and working closely with external stakeholders.

“Our Business Diversity Strategy aims to improve, strengthen, and broaden how we support our diverse membership through a variety of internal and external programs,” Dr. Rosen told Color Magazine.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are programs that promote inclusivity, teamwork, and innovation among employees with shared interests in the workplace. At Tufts Health Plan, BRGs are implemented to “align Diversity and Inclusion initiatives with external business objectives.”

Dr. Rosen explained that Tufts Health Plan has a very active BRG dedicated to improving the health care experience for its LGBTQ+ members.

A recent Diversity and Inclusion initiative, lead by Dr. Rosen, involved prioritizing and innovatung internal process improvements for transgender members at Tufts Health Plan.

“I’m collaborating with our BRG and clinical team to organize advanced trainings on LGBTQ+ topics and benefits,” expressed Dr. Rosen. “As well as, developing an integrated care management team to support transgender members undergoing various health procedures, such as gender affirmation surgery.”

“It’s our mission to provide quality care, particularly for our most vulnerable members,” said Dr. Rosen.

When considering opportunities to improve health care offerings to accelerate growth, BRGs rely on employees connected by shared interest, culture, and skillset to take on leadership roles in the workplace.

The staff at Tufts Health Plan uses their knowledge of the company as well as their affinity groups to ensure the company progresses with its commitment to serving diverse communities effectively.

The Multicultural BRG, for example, has led to the formation of new direct language access programs at Tufts Health Plan.

“In our Multicultural BRG, our staff is leveraging their diverse language skills to adjust documents and processes so that our members may review our services in their native language,” said Dr. Rosen.

Tufts Health Plan offers premier healthcare services to more than one-million members. BRGs have been essential in fostering new methods for customer growth, improved servicing and development of staff and leadership.

If you’re eager to learn more about the impact of BRGs, watch for Dr. Rosen at this years’ TJX Companies Employee Resource Summit.