Margarita Polanco, Trade Partner Diversity Officer at Suffolk Construction

Margarita Polanco: Building Pathways for Community Empowerment

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By: Karla Amador

Boston, MA — “At Suffolk Construction, we are creating a culture of inclusivity worth being proud of,” Margarita Polanco, Trade Partner Diversity Officer at the Boston-based construction firm. “In my role, I am honored to build pathways to success and help empower local residents to build bolder and stronger communities by hiring and partnering with people from our neighborhoods. No one should feel pushed out of their neighborhoods.”

As Trade Partner Diversity Officer, Polanco optimizes and maximizes as part of her business strategy, but always puts the people and their communities first. “I actively engage with local communities as an equal opportunity advocate, helping local residents partner with Suffolk Construction, creating job and training opportunities in essential trades like plumbing, carpentry, and electricity,” she explains.

“We want to help prepare our residents to master these new job trades and become savvier of the career options available to them, in these skill sets with the advancement of technology that is taking effect,” she said.  

Polanco is also responsible for managing construction projects and overseeing workforce compliance in the city of Boston. Driven by a passion for serving underrepresented groups, Polanco establishes partnerships with nonprofits and trade unions to ensure local Bostonians have a say in the changes that come to their communities.  

“I spend a considerable amount of my time working with vocational schools, speaking at benefits, and informing community members about the benefits of joining the building trades,” she says.

At the core of her work, Polanco wants to see Boston’s communities thrive, especially the women of color in those communities. “I feel so inspired to shed light on so many pathways for women of color to believe in themselves, to take on these pursuits and become game changers in their local communities. Being a woman of color in 2019 is impactful,” says Polanco. “Women of color are (and have been) challenging themselves to become more—more innovating, more inspiring, more everything. At Suffolk Construction, I have a hand in changing the face and culture of our company to include more women of color seeking opportunities in necessary trades like carpentry, electricity, and more.”