Lavonia Perryman Writes Powerful Words on Moving From Pain to Power in New Bestseller

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Detroit, MI — Lavonia Perryman writes her personal story of going from tragedy to triumph. Fearless Women Rock, Courageous Women Find Strength During the Storm on Amazon bestsellers’ list is about how she reinvented, recovered, rebuilt her life and how she hasn’t given up on living in her purpose.

Lavonia Perryman is described as an educated, talented activist.  She describes herself as the daughter of Alex and Geneva Perryman. She combined her professional and community passion to make money and serve her community for the past 50 years.

Lavonia Perryman and book cover

Lavonia Perryman and book cover

She is the host of The Lavonia Perryman Show heard Monday through Friday from 7 pm until 9pmon 910am radio in Detroit.  She also heads up a media relations communications company based in Detroit. Her clients read like a history book.  They include president Nelson Mandela, Oscar winner Denzel Washington, Dr. Dorothy I. Height and the National Council of Negro Women, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Rev Jesse Jackson and the National Rainbow Push Coalition.  She was the Democratic National Committee deputy communications director for President Bill Clinton and President Obama.

In the middle of making history, she was faced with knee bending tragedies and life setbacks.  She has lost 3 siblings and had a divorce. She’s said most people believe she is an only child.  Fear sometimes sets in that she will be alone in her twilight years.

In her book, she shares that it took mind over matter and plain old action to get off her “putty” knees and decide she was going to now live her best life.

Fearless Women Rock, Courageous Women Find Strength During the Storm will list 10 points that moved Lavonia from pain to power.