Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility Leader — PTC

In August 2020, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller was appointed Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility Leader at PTC. Kameelah will play a key role on the People Leadership Team and will be responsible for driving ongoing D&I at the company.   

Prior to joining PTC, Kameelah served as Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at TripAdvisor, with more than 14 years of corporate experience. In November of the following year, she was appointed to her current role as Director of Equity, Diversity + Inclusion. In that role, she is tasked with fostering an environment that promotes innovation by way of maximizing the diverse qualities and experiences of TripAdvisor’s employees.

Prior to working with TripAdvisor, Benjamin-Fuller acted as Founder & Visionary of G-Rock Music. G-Rock Music’s mission was to showcase emerging, renowned, and legendary women in music. Her vision centered around creating unique experiences, sponsor programs, and produce events that also encourage creative exchanges and artist development.

Kameelah received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cornell University. She went on to receive her Master’s in African New World Studies from Florida International University.