Josefina Bonilla

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Josefina BonillaJosefina Bonilla

Founder, Publisher, & President — Color Magazine

Josefina Bonilla is the Founder, Publisher, President of Color Magazine, an online and print, all-inclusive publication, launched in 2010, that highlights topics of interest for professionals of color. In 2017, Josefina negotiated the successful public sale of Color Magazine to Gatehouse Media, one of the largest publishers of locally-based print and online media in the US. As President, she is responsible for leading business and marketing campaigns, establishing strategic partnerships, and cultivating community relations within multicultural markets.

Josefina is currently Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) of BridgeTower Media, an affiliate of GateHouse Media. As CDO, she identifies new opportunities to highlight diversity across publishing and event platforms.

Josefina is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Global Inclusion and Social Development at The University of Massachusetts – Boston.