Janice Bryant Howroyd Partners with Nightingale-Conant to Launch New Audible Book Series

Renowned Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Author Janice Bryant Howroyd and Nightingale-Conant Corporation, a world-leader in personal development for 58 years, today announced the release of “The Strangest Secret – Enhanced and Presented by Janice Bryant Howroyd,” considered one of the most powerful and motivational messages ever recorded. Developed in collaboration with Nightingale-Conant, Howroyd has given fresh voice to an original classic written and narrated by self-help and motivational pioneer Earl Nightingale. In 1956, his spoken word album “The Strangest Secret” went on to sell more than a million copies, becoming the first spoken-word record to go Gold.

“It’s with great excitement that in partnership with Nightingale-Conant, I will be re-recording and releasing several audiobooks of Nightingale’s recordings beginning with “The Strangest Secret,” said Howroyd.  “It’s a must read (or listen) for anyone looking to make impactful life changes and improvements.”

The new version will include updated statistics and additional quotes from some of the greatest thought leaders, including Nelson Mandela and Buddha. It will also be read as gender-neutral, and for the first time, it will contain a women’s point of view. Many of these older books focus on saying things such as: “when a man” instead of “when a person.” Howroyd believes that words matter and can make a difference.

“Our world has significantly changed since Earl shared his principles in the 1950’s, but his message is now more relevant than ever,” said Howroyd.  “Technology has supported our societies to be more informed and connected. Still, people are more lost, unhappy, and dissatisfied than ever. Young people are despondent, fearful, uncertain, and have lost a measure of hope and excitement about their futures. Sadly, an entire generation has never heard of Earl Nightingale nor ‘The Strangest Secret.’ Now they will greatly benefit from this message about motivation, mindfulness and character development.”

“The Strangest Secret – Enhanced and Presented by Janice Bryant Howroyd” is available today on Audible.com, the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment.

“Our hope is that with Janice’s new version of “The Strangest Secret,” a new audience will discover Earl Nightingale’s original ground-breaking recordings and apply them to their own lives,” said Vic Conant, Chairman Nightingale-Conant.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_fx1c2-mFA&feature=youtu.be


Janice Bryant Howroyd, a North Carolina native, left her hometown in 1976 armed with $900. Two years later, she founded ActOne Group, which grew into a multi-billion-dollar global organization, The ActOne Group, that is now leading the human-resources industry. With more than 2500 employees in 19 countries, ActOne Group is the largest privately-held, woman-owned Workforce Solutions Company founded in the US.

A businesswoman, entrepreneur, educator, and ambassador, Janice has also counseled three U.S. presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.  In 2016 she was appointed by President Obama as special advisor on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Her passion for education, mentorship, and self-empowerment initiatives have earned her many professional and philanthropic recognitions.


Nightingale-Conant has a simple yet marvelous purpose: to help people realize their full potential … to make them successful and happy. The goal is self-improvement … the vehicles are audio and video programs. Nightingale-Conant is the world’s largest producer of audio programs. Our message goes out to hundreds of thousands of people every year, people who tell us that Nightingale-Conant has transformed their lives for the better.  We are an active, vibrant company operating out of Chicago but our roots … our fiber … our ethic … goes back to the mid-1950s.


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