IMPACT Group is Empowering Women through Career Advancement

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IMPACT Group, a second generation women-owned global career coaching is creating a strong pipeline of future women leaders at all levels of the organization.

“IMPACT Group has put a stake in the ground and invested in something we feel very passionate about because we know how critical it is, ” said Lauren Herring, CEO of IMPACT Group. “We are taking a leadership role to help companies and drive home the true value women development programs deliver.”

What does an international environmental waste organization, an elevator manufacturer, a financial services firm and a logistics organization have in common? 1) They are male-dominated organizations looking to change the face of leadership in the top ranks of their organizations and 2) they are investing in their female talent by offering a unique Women in Leadership program to ensure their pipeline includes strong women who are prepared for leadership roles.

“In order to fill organizations pressing need for strong female executives, IMPACT Group created a customized leadership program, exclusively for rising talent in male-dominated industries,” said Marcie Mueller, VP, Global Leadership Development at IMPACT Group. “We see firsthand how the program has made an impact on employees’ experience, strengthened retention and help drive diverse leaders to the top.”

Designed for high-potential managers who want to accelerate their career into corporate leadership roles, the Women in Leadership program addresses leadership aspirations and the skills necessary to break through roadblocks, changing the way women contribute and advocate for their own career path.

The program guides female talent through an integrated learning process that is both beneficial to both the employee and the organization through a learning framework  – a structured approach that sets development goals in the three career accelerators.

The program has resulted in retention of women by 90% with a promotion increase by 37%.

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