Ililewa Companies ‘Identity Narrative’ Fragrances Celebrate Self-Expression

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By Evan J. Cutts

Brenda McKenzie Singhal, brand-builder, economic development expert, and Co-founder of Ililewa Companies, is shaping a new narrative for identity expression through luxury fragrances.

“At Ililewa Companies we believe that beauty is for everybody and we view scent as a way to express yourself,” she said.

Ililewa Companies’ new high-end fragrance line “Identity Narrative” promotes inclusive beauty “unbound by ‘societal norms’” and created with all-natural ingredients.   

“As with any product, it’s important for us to consider the ‘triple bottom line.’ We consider the social good of our products, as well as the environmental impact, and of course, you need to make a profit to keep the good going,” Singhal explained.

“Many fragrances contain ingredients that are irritants to people. We make great efforts to ensure that our products use the most natural and purest ingredients. We are making products for the anyone who wants a new way to express themselves,” she continued.  

‘Identity Narrative’ also employs an environmentally-conscious approach to sourcing and packaging its products. Singhal noted that sustainability is not achieved on day one; it is an ongoing process, one that she and co-founder Mary Richardson Lowry, a former law partner at Mayer Brown, aim to increase going forward.

Singhal’s background in economic development for the public and private sectors brought her to major cities such as Boston, Chicago, and Baltimore where she implemented creative strategies to generate approximately $20 billion in private investment.

Working closely with innovators and entrepreneurs, she was inspired to begin her own entrepreneurial journey by their can-do attitude ability to change the landscapes of their respective industries.

“If you think about fine fragrance in general, there are a few very large fragrance houses that carry a lot of banners. Customers today are interested in small-batch operations and diversity in the market; They want a fresh take,” she said. “This is our opportunity to present a product where customers can see and express themselves through that product.”

The brand launched on October 5th in the Ililewa Companies hometown of Chicago, Illinois, customers are now able to experience seven signatures scents ranging from fresh, clean, and futuristic Surrealism º11 to the eclectic and warm Nomadic º7.

For entrepreneurs looking to create their own all-inclusive brands, Singhal encourages: “Think about the population you’re looking to serve, see what’s on the market, and ask how you can improve it.”

“At Ililewa Companies, we believe beauty is in everyone and for everyone.”

To check out their premiere line of fine fragrances, go to the Identity Narrative retail webstore: