Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Federal Reserve Bank

As part of the Central Bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (The Boston Fed) works to promote sound growth and financial stability in New England and the nation. In contributing to the communities, the region, and the nation, The Boston Fed conducts economic research, participates in monetary policy-making, supervises certain financial institutions, provides financial services and payments, plays a leadership role in the payments industry, and supports economic well-being in communities, through a variety of efforts.  

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to who The Boston Fed is as a community and its daily operations. The Boston Fed encourages the diversity and strength that comes from diverse perspectives, ideas, and approaches, is dedicated to advancing and supporting diversity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity, and does so through a variety of means. The Boston Fed leverages diversity and inclusion for enhanced creativity, innovation, and better business outcomes.

“The Bank is committed to diversity, and to respect for people and their capabilities, regardless of their race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or any such factor or attribute. As Bank president, I am committed to building on and improving the Bank’s tradition of diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion. I believe it is only with a diverse and inclusive workplace that the Bank can truly perform at its best, carry out its mission, and make a difference for the public we are here to serve.”

Eric Rosengren, President and CEO

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will be recruiting Boston’s diverse talent at Professionals of Color Career Summit