Eastern Bank Corporation Elects New Board Members


Eastern Bank, America’s oldest and largest mutual bank, continues to increase the diversity of its leadership, as it announced several key additions to its governing body.


The new Corporators and Trustees were elected at the Annual Meeting of Eastern Bank Corporation held on March 7, 2017 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  With this year’s election, more than 40 percent of Eastern’s Board of Corporators is now comprised of women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community.  Ten years ago, white males made up 92 percent of the Board.


“We are proud of our efforts in diversity and inclusion, but understand we have more work to do to accomplish broader representation from the various customers and communities we serve,” said Bob Rivers, Eastern Bank Chairman and CEO. “Eastern will benefit tremendously from the talent and diverse perspectives of this year’s class of Trustees and Corporators.  Everyone at Eastern is excited that Elyse, Scott, Leverett, Nurys, Josiane, and Eneida have chosen to join us for good.”  


The following individuals were named Trustees of Eastern Bank Corporation:

  • Elyse D. Cherry, CEO Boston Community Capital;
  • Scott E. Squillace, Esq., Owner/Principal, Squillace & Associates (joined Eastern as a Corporator in 2013);
  • Leverett I. Wing, Executive Director, The Commonwealth Seminar.


The following individuals were named Corporators of Eastern Bank Corporation:

  • Nurys Z. Camargo, Regional Director of External Affairs, AT&T Massachusetts;
  • Josiane Martinez, Founder & CEO, Archipelago Strategies Group;
  • Eneida M. Roman, Esq., Owner/Principal Roman Law & Co-Founder, Latina Circle.

Eastern Bank Corporation, the holding company of Eastern Bank, is governed by a group of individuals, known as the Board of Trustees, who act in the best interests of the corporation. Their duties and responsibilities are specified by state law and the Bylaws of the corporation. Members of the Board of Trustees and members of the Board of Directors of Eastern Bank are also Corporators of the holding company. Corporators of Eastern Bank Corporation meet at least annually and are intended to represent the many communities served by the Bank.