Impact Investing Panel April 7-8


The Babson Social Innovation Summit aims to stimulate Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® for sustainable development through effective and bold social innovation. The summit convenes thought leaders from universities, intergovernmental organizations, non-profits, established companies, and startups. Together, they offer inspiring stories about turning global problems into opportunities.



The keynote presentation and panel discussion will feature entrepreneurs and business leaders sharing real success stories, challenges and opportunities in social innovation.


Building Bridges

Attendees will be able to engage in a direct conversation with thriving social entrepreneurs to learn about their experiences and some practical tools they have applied to launch and grow their social venture.


Enhancing Growth

Students work with real companies to address the global goals through a planned a Team Case Challenge. The Summit also will be introducing the Babson Social Innovation Challenge, which will invite social entrepreneurs to pitch new ventures addressing the SDGs. Participants have the opportunity to win prizes, and venture support.


Other Opportunities

Social Innovation Marketplace – Here’s an opportunity to show off your social venture during the Babson Social Innovation Summit. At the marketplace, delegates comprising of students, corporations, professionals and entrepreneurs from across the U.S will be able to check out and learn more about your business. Attendees are encouraged to demo your product or service and solicit feedback, help, and/or prospective customers.


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