Dr. Tiffany Jadotte: Building Workforce Value at The Dimock Center

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By Princess Jones Curtis

Roxbury, MA — “Being authentic, transparent, humble, and respectful.” When questioned, Dr. Tiffany Jadotte lists the qualities of a good leader without any hesitation. She knows what she’s talking about, too. As the Vice President of Human Resources at The Dimock Center, she works on the creation of strategies that ensure the successful implementation of policies to attract, train, and retain talent.

“What that translates to is creating and implementing a total rewards value proposition that includes competitive compensation and benefits planning for our staff,” she explains. “Also, I’m in charge of strategically growing the workforce and infrastructure, making sure that our staff work in a very integrated capacity across all of our programs.”

In addition to her work at The Dimock Center, the graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Northeastern University also serves as an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University. “Being a professor is rewarding. It also keeps me up to date with any of the HR related policies and practices. I learned the complexities of adult learning, individual motivation, and the capacity for learning.”

When it comes to a support system, Dr. Jadotte cites her family as her biggest inspiration and motivation. “I’m really fortunate to have a strong support system. It starts with my husband who really is my equal partner in life. My daughter really inspires me to be the best version of me in making sure that I’m continuously being her first and best role model. ”

In addition to her husband and daughter, she also has strong roots in both her past and present. “My parents continue to motivate me. They’ve inspired me since day one by leading by example, providing that confidence and work ethic that they model every day. And finally, the team here at Dimock starting with the CEO Dr. Jordan. I’m fortunate enough to work with a number of dedicated individuals. They allow me to grow and develop.”

As a person of color, Dr. Jadotte believes that success is about facing change and adversity with courage and resilience. “To be a person of color in 2019 really means being courageous during times of continuous change and being resilient during times of uncertainty. Certainly, that is the case now. And I’m sure the uncertainty will continue on in the future,” she adds. “I feel that a person of color in 2019 really has to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and not afraid to navigate the unknown in order to achieve progress.”