D&I News Roundup from COLOR – January Edition II

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In this issue, CIC Health Chief Marketing and Experience Officer Rodrigo Martinez hones in the organization’s very successful COVID-19 relief services. FastCompany’s Kevin Diestel discusses “New digital tools—measuring everything from performance to how happy employees are—can help leaders better meet the needs of their workforce”; DEI Metrics get a tune up to influence change, and Harvard Business Review addresses a little discussed topic in corporate America: supporting first-generation professionals. 

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2021 All-Inclusive Award Recipient: CIC Health / Rodrigo Martinez

CIC Health: Setting the Bar for Community Health

In December of 2021, CIC Health was awarded an All-Inclusive Award for its organizational leadership and contributions to the public health of Massachusetts residents throughout the pandemic. Rodrigo Martinez sheds some light on the process of combining marketing and guest experience to meet public health goals.






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How Innovative HR Tech Can Help Companies Combat the Great Resignation

Now that the future of work is upon us, companies need to revamp their HR strategy to maintain consistent workforce of satisfied employees. Reimagining HR as more than a “cost center,” prioritize workplace wellness, and leading with employee sentiment’s in mind are just a few ways to innovate HR at your company.


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Upgrading Your DEI Metrics to Influence Change

What’s missing from your DEI metrics? Find out how to ensure equity in your DEI processes, establish accountability, and holistic team building here.

Want to learn more? Take our masterclass on Inclusion Metrics led by Julia Geisman, MA to receive expert strategies to drive inclusion at your organization!



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How Does Your Company Support First-Generation Professionals?

“Existing research has shown that moving up the socioeconomic ladder is becoming more difficult, and class bias has been shown to impact lifetime earnings. Few studies have investigated the workplace experience of those from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Do wealth differences influence the paths through which people enter and progress through their professional careers? Do patterns of barriers and privilege exist, and if so, what do they look like? To fill this knowledge gap, the authors conducted a study on first-generation professionals (FGPs). Here’s what they learned about FGPs and what company leaders can do to support them.” – Harvard Business Review


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