CIC Health: Setting the Bar for Community Care

By Evan J. Cutts

Boston, MA – In December of 2021, CIC Health was awarded an All-Inclusive Award for its organizational leadership and contributions to the public health of Massachusetts residents throughout the pandemic. Rodrigo Martinez sheds some light on the process of combining marketing and guest experience to meet public health goals. Martinez explains his role as “[being] responsible for ensuring the safe welcoming, and kind experience for all guests at CIC Health Testing and Vaccination sites” in addition to leading the organizations marketing initiatives.

“My core responsibility is effective storytelling. I am constantly asking: how can we engage our guests and clients with human stories?” Martinez explains. “We have worked non-stop for 18 months to reach as many people from as many backgrounds as possible, especially within communities of color. As a Latino immigrant who came to this country 22 years ago with a scholarship and $125, as a citizen, and as a member of my community, personally, this award means the world.” 

With so much misinformation circulating about the covid-19 vaccine, CIC Health has made a point of creating accessible and accurate services to inform and empower Massachusetts communicates deeply impacted by the pandemic.

Through our activation to provide vaccination resources to residents of Massachusetts, we designed and implemented a comprehensive vaccination experience from A to Z; Whether we are translating materials or conducting one of my many interviews in Spanish, I strongly believe engaging minority communities is a crucial effort for all of us,” says Martinez. 

“We streamlined ways for guests to learn about how to receive COVID vaccines and tests, and have deployed critical operations in all of the most affected neighborhoods to make it easier to get tested and, earlier in the year, vaccinated.”

The efficacy of Martinez’s approach is made evident by the fact that CIC Health has appeared “in more than 1,000 pieces of local media coverage, on Spanish-speaking programs like: Telemundo, El Mundo, Univision, and national programs such as, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, NBC, PBS, and more.”

In the next year, Rodrigo Martinez and CIC Health have their goals set on expanding their COVID-19 related services to support the vulnerable populations in our public school system.

“We at CIC Health are looking forward to the year ahead as well as the opportunity to continue providing COVID-19 related services to our communities, especially students, staff across all schools in Massachusetts and beyond. We were founded to address the initial obstacles of the pandemic and we will continue to adapt to best serve the members of our communities that have been hit hardest over the past 2 years.”

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