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Diana Lee

Co-Founder & CEO — Constellation Agency

Diana Lee (Co-Founder & CEO) is an Asian American who has worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years. Her experience is in automotive sales, marketing, consulting, and coaching as a CPC, ELI-MP. Her first 14 years of her automotive retail career were spent in sales, finance, and sales management for dealer groups such as Potamkin. The second half of her career was spent launching projects for automotive manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company, Jaguar, Lincoln, Land Rover, Mazda, General Motors, BMW, Rolls Royce, MINI, and Nissan. She is experienced in automotive marketing, coaching, training, consulting, finance, e-commerce, performance improvement, and customer satisfaction. 

Diana Lee has worked with national vendors such as Maritz, Xperience, and RPC (BMW’s consulting division) to launch global brands such as Nissan Motor Company, Mazda, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Motor Company, BMW NA, MINI NA, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and Rolls-Royce NA. She is a certified coach mentor training other coaches (up to 75) for in-dealership programs for manufacturers. She was Account Director for a social media initiative for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, leading the team that designed the strategy to launch a global social media campaign on Meningococcal Disease.

Diana also successfully pioneered an online car-buying program for major online vendors, such as Diana has been recognized as an outstanding producer, coach, trainer, and mentor — both to peers, other industry leaders and the dealers she serves.