Brenda Thompson Stuckey: Valuing Clarity

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By Evan J. Cutts

Two imperatives for a successful organization are a qualified staff and a consistent client base. As Director of Staffing, Diversity, and Inclusion at Atrius Health, Brenda Thompson Stuckey is responsible for maintaining a pipeline of diverse, talented professionals to keep Atrius Health running at full speed.

In her role, Thompson Stuckey oversees Atrius Health’s EEO and affirmative action plan, patient outreach to community events such as the Pride Parade, and facilitates professional development opportunities for Atrius Health staff.

“Working in diversity and inclusion is my favorite part of the job. Because of our CEO’s support and engagement, we’re really able to integrate D&I practices into the fiber of the organization,” she said.

Thompson Stuckey spent fifteen years developing D&I within Atrius Health as a Senior Employment and Diversity Consultant. In June of 2015, she earned her title as Director. Over her eighteen year career, she’s witnessed growth in Atrius Health’s approach to inclusion.

“For about six years, I ran a program called “Work It Out Wednesdays.” It was an internal networking lunch program that connected early-level staff members with hiring managers, executives, and so forth; it gave our employees an opportunity to meet with their leaders and vice versa, over food. So when an opening occurred, a previous connection was already established to give those staff members an edge in getting the opportunity.”

During those years Atrius Health saw an increase of diverse staff members moving upwards through the organization. Though the program is currently halted, Atrius Health has pivoted to serve its staff by instituting a diversity committee and LGBTQ affinity group; Thompson Stuckey added that Atrius Health is working to expand both programs.

As a D&I leader at Atrius Health, Thompson Stuckey has learned effective leadership requires one to have a clear vision, be a motivator, and have a willingness to do the work with their team. She added, that these skills and an ability to build relationships with people will serve any professional looking to succeed.

“I believe in uplifting people. If you’re doing well in your career, you take someone with you. So I find my passion for D&I by remembering that this work is never done,” she said.