Author of A Brown Girls Guide to Employment & Networking Publishes 2nd Book

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(Boston, MA) ― Massachusetts native and workforce specialist Dr. Tamika N. Jacques, Ed.D. recently authored A Brown Parents Guide: Preparing Our Children for Employment in the 21st Century. It follows on the heels of her first book, A Brown Girls Guide to Employment and Networkingwhich was published in 2019. It reached #1 on Amazon under the heading of Vocational Education. That same year, A Brown Girls Guide was listed on as “one of the Best Books for Networking.”

A Brown Parents Guide: Preparing Our Children for Employment in the 21st Century

A Brown Parents Guide: Preparing Our Children for Employment in the 21st Century

Jacques’s straight-forward approach in A Brown Parents GuidePreparing Our Children for Employment in the 21st Century, uses examples and challenges she has faced over the course of her career, from being passed over for opportunities due to her age and racial and gender bias, to address issues that many children of color will face in their educational and career pursuits. “My purpose for writing this guide is to provide parents with the tools and techniques that will help shepherd their children in how to use their passions and interests in creating educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves, no matter their chosen path,” says Jacques.

A motivational visionary, life coach, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant, Jacques has been in the workforce development field for more than twenty years and has created numerous training programs to empower women, minorities, college students, youth, and incumbent and under-employed workers. In addition, she founded the coaching and consulting firm, Fruitful Vision Enterprises, which teaches individuals and groups the steps and strategies needed to achieve their goals, dream big, and “level up” their careers.

The third-generation Cape Verdean-American who was raised in Bridgewater, Massachusetts was prepared by her parents to deal with a world that would judge her by the color of her skin. As one of only 12 students of color in her high school, out of a student population of 1,200, Jacques knew at an early age that she didn’t want to be defined solely by her race. “Growing up in a small town where people did not look like me, really shaped my life and what I wanted to do,” says the entrepreneur.

Her parents, an electrician father and accountant mother, were committed to helping their only child achieve all she could, and they stressed education as a path to success. Jacques, who developed a passion for programming and planning events in college, earned an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Johnson & Wales University and a Master of Science in College Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University. She graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor of Science in International Economics.

Dr. Jacques’s second book, A Brown Parents Guide: Preparing Our Children for Employment in the 21st Century is available on