So You’ve Attended the Women of Color Conference…Now What?

So you’ve attended the Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference. You’ve been inspired by executive leaders, given amazing advice on how to move forward in your career, and made unforgettable connections. Now you have to follow through with the next steps…


First, take all of the information, and advice you’ve received and follow it. Change your attitude, and the way you think about yourself and others. Find your own team of “yay”sayers, unplug the power of bias, show off your unique thinking style, and eliminate any and all self-imposed barriers.


Next, spread the word—tell others about the conference, and go forth to inspire other women of color. In the long run, this exchange of information will not only get more people interested in the conference, but it will also show others how women of color are coming together to help and support one another.
Keep the line of communication open and send an email to all of the people that you’ve met. Connect with them on social media sites such as LinkedIn and invite them to lunch. Building professional relationships can only help you to make even more connections in the future.