Why Women Are Born-Leaders

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By Evan J. Cutts

Throughout history, women have challenged the perception that leadership is a gender-specific ability solely available in men.

Farzana Chohan, Executive Director of Leadership IN Women—a global platform aimed at women leaders to help them “connect, inspire, and thrive”—is one of the women who, not only challenges the age-old perception but provides a stage for other women to do the same.

In her new book, also titled Leadership IN Women, Chohan discusses the ways in which leadership and womanhood are intrinsically connected, citing the successes and accolades of women throughout history, such as Ursula Franklin, Katherine Johnson, and more.

“Why not Women in Leadership Roles? Why the capitalization of IN?” Chohan writes, “The IN is an important distinction when talking about leadership as it relates to women and how it is perceived in most world societies. Rather than superficially focusing on how women’s function in leadership roles, Leadership IN Women shines a light on the inherent talents, skills, knowledge, and strategies that make women natural leaders.”

Chohan’s writing affirms the concept that all women possess inherent characteristics of leadership. Resilience, Grit, Emotional Intelligence, and Empathy are considered as indicators of one’s capacity to lead. She affirms that each of these characteristics enable women to be remarkable leaders, particularly in non-traditional areas of work.

To the women leaders of formal and/or informal positions, Leadership IN Women will serve as a guide toward personal and career success. As for the men out there, Chohan’s book offers key insights into Inherent Leadership Characteristics IN Women and will provide new and relevant perspectives on the integral role of women leaders in the 21st century. It’s safe to say, there’s an ample supply of content for any interested reader to learn.

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Learn more about Chohan’s global project at her website: LeadershipINWomen.com