Top 5 Startups Created By Millennials

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By Jailene Adorno

When people think of millennials, they often think of young people who are obsessed with social media or who are constantly attached to their phones. However, contrary to popular belief, we millennials are doing so much more. We’re being creative—we’re not only thinking outside of the box, but we’re creating our own boxes. We’re collaborating with others and being innovative in so many different ways. Here are five startups created by millennials… 

1. NewsCred, Founder: Shafqat Islam

NewsCred is a company that takes content marketing to a whole new level. Whether you want to generate, publish, or plan out your content, NewsCred can do it for you. Shafqat Islam started the company as a website back in 2007 while working at Merrill Lynch until it took off and became the company that it is today.

2., Founder and CEO: William Zhou

Learning can be fun and easy with the right tools, and all of this is made possible with the help of Passionate about education, William Zhou created to change the way it was approached. He wanted to ensure that teachers could better engage with their students and that learning could be fun again.

3. ClassPass, CEO and Co-Founder: Payal Kadakia

After searching high and low for a ballet class, Payal Kadakia started ClassPass, a membership for fitness classes in a city near you. It’s a great way of helping people stay active and try out different ways of exercising without having to commit to one gym membership. Instead you can take up pilates, yoga, Zumba, and spinning all with one membership.

4. Maker’s Row, Founders: Matthew Burnett and Tanya Menendez

After starting his own line of leather goods, The Brooklyn Bakery, Matthew Burnett partnered with Tanya Menendez and together they started Maker’s Row. Maker’s Row helps designers connect with American manufacturers to make their clothing, accessories, furniture, and home decor.

5. Vendedy, Founder and CEO: Christine Souffrant

Ever wonder what exciting things are happening along the streets of the city you’re in? Whether you’re looking for open markets, food, or art, the Vendedy app will show you what’s around. This is a great app to help you explore new cities and become more familiar with old ones. Christine Souffrant’s main goal in creating this app was to connect street vendors with consumers.