The Mental Shift: Inspiring Men of Color to Grow Together

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We are bringing together Men of color from Boston to connect, network, and educate each other on the topics that matter the most!
Boston MA – Kurt Faustin, Executive Director at Entrepreneurship for All and Founder of the Dropout Academy, will host The Mental Shift on Thursday, August 25, 2022 from 6-8 pm at The Boston Convention Center.
The Mental Shift is a free event centered around men, their mindset, and next step for growth. The goal of the Mental Shift  is to help inspire, mobilize, and cultivate healthy relationships so men of color can all grow collectively.
“Men are suffering, especially men of color. Far too long, we have not reaching our own standards when it comes to a multitude of topics. We need a mental shift,” explains Faustin. “We are bringing together experts and educators in mental health, civic engagement, finances, and relationships to help provide tangible steps for men to grow into the next level.”
The Mental shift will include a panel discussion, presentations, a Q&A segment, and a chance to network with Boston’s Men of COLOR! If you’re ready for a mental shift, sign up here.
Plus, don’t miss Kurt Faustin at Empower Week. Kurt will close out our Men of COLOR Conference as the closing keynote speaker. In-person and virtual tickets are available here