THE D&I Roundup from COLOR – May Special Edition Part I

In this special issue, we’re highlighting STEM in honor of the WOC STEM Achievement Awards! Announcing this year’s winners…

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Robin Thorne discusses how women can get their share in STEM fields, Google relaxes work-from-home restrictions for employees, Dell Technologies and i2b2 tranSMART Foundation create an initiative to treat Long-Haul COVID-19, and more.

There’s Money in STEM for Women: Robin Thorne Wants Women and Girls to Get Their Share

Inspirational STEM Employer Award Winner and CEO of CTI Environmental talks gender and pay equity for women and girls in STEM fields.

Google Relaxes Work from Home Rules

“Google is giving its employees more flexibility to work from different locations or entirely from home, taking a more lenient policy as the Alphabet Inc. company prepares for a return to office life after the pandemic.” – Bloomberg


New Initiative from Dell Technologies and ib2b TranSmart to Treat Long-Haul COVID-19

AI-driven research and digital twins will support hospitals and research centers globally and contribute to Dell’s goal to use technology and scale to advance health, education, and economic opportunity for 1 billion people by 2030.

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The Tech Interactive Convenes Top STEM Professionals to Advise Young Women on Career Paths

Virtual event hosted by The Tech Interactive and Miss CEO inspires high schoolers.

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