The Daniel Gutierrez Interview, Part 2

Daniel Gutierrez, keynote speaker for the 2015 All Inclusive Awards on Dec. 3, is an international business consultant, radio personality, renowned motivational speaker and spiritual teacher who have inspired people to make positive changes that lead to success. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us has helped transform individuals all over the world.


The following is part two of our interview with Daniel Gutierrez. To read Part One, click HERE. Part three of the interview will be posted on Monday at



What do you see as the major challenges facing business owners and corporate executives today?

As I said before, at the end of the day the most important thing for a company is the bottom line. The way that they go about making a profit, though, is the big challenge. Corporate executives and business owners need to find a way to give their employees the space they need to be human. They need to let them rediscover who they are as individuals, to rediscover their worth as people with the support of their employers. For too long we’ve been told that being human or being emotional is a sign of weakness in the working world. It’s not. When people have a full and rewarding life outside work, they bring a much more positive energy and attitude to their jobs.

There are studies being done that show something like 85 percent of the people in the world are miserable at work. I recently read a story about a 29 year old executive on Wall Street, a very successful man by any traditional measure – wealth, status, position in the company. That young man killed himself. The pressure of working that hard to achieve that much success was, in the end, too much for him because he didn’t have the inner strength of a positive life outside the job.


In your interview with Caypen magazine ( you talk about the power of empowering employees. Is this something you thought about when you started in the business world as an employee with Best Buy or did it happen later in your career? Do you see it as an important first step for any business owner seeking ways to be more successful?

It happened after I left Best Buy. I knew I was unsatisfied on a personal level with the company and needed to rediscover what made me happy as a human being before I could devote any more of my life to work. Oddly enough, Best Buy actually called me in for a meeting many years later because they read what I had to say about them in my book (Stepping into Greatness). I hadn’t written anything bad about them; they actually wanted to see if I could use what I’d learned once I left them to help their employees today. It didn’t work out, as far as hiring me goes, but it felt good to be asked.

As for the second part of the question, the first step that a business owner can take is to find out what their employees need to make them happier people. I’m not talking about more money, either. That’s not the solution. They need to find out about their lives, about their needs as people. About their hopes and dreams and what they can do to help them achieve those dreams. They need to be supportive. They also need to be strong enough as employers to give their employees room to breathe. Nobody should live in fear of losing their job to the point of sacrificing the rest of their lives. A scared workforce isn’t the most productive workforce.


In that same Caypen article you say, ‘My competitive advantage is that I’m Hispanic.’ Could you expand a bit on that thought, both in terms of how it impacts your career and how it helps you influence the people you are sending your message to?

Just being bilingual is an advantage, particularly in today’s business world. I can deliver my message in English and Spanish, which automatically gives me a competitive advantage over someone who can’t. A Spanish speaking audience will listen a little closer when you speak their language. In fact, I used to call myself “The Number One Hispanic Inspirational Speaker.” I even had it sewn into the linings of my custom made suits so that every time I got dressed to give a presentation, I saw it and it reminded me of who I was. Granted, when I stated there weren’t a lot of Hispanic speakers doing what I was doing, but I still felt like I was the best.

Then, a few years ago I was giving a presentation to a room of about 400 doctors and when I called myself The Number One Hispanic Inspirational speaker, someone in the audience stood up to tell me, ‘No you’re not’. I was shocked, almost afraid of what he was going to say next. He then said, ‘You’re the Number One Motivational Speaker who just happens to be Hispanic.’ I loved hearing that. He inspired me that day.




The 2015 All-Inclusive Awards, an evening to honor those who have made a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their careers, take place on December 3, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

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