Sisters Code Founder Inspires at TEDxDetroit

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Wrapping up  2017 on a faithful and powerful note, Sisters Code Founder and Tech Town Diversity and Inclusion Entrepreneur-In-Residence Marlin Williams, discussed her journey to “Awaken the Mature Geek” in Detroit, Michigan.

“Have you ever been at a point in your life, when you had to tell yourself: it’s gonna be alright?” Marlin Williams asked the TEDx audience. The crowd responded, yes, with affirming applause.

“Although my talk is about ‘Awakening the Mature Geek,'” she said. “I need to you understand my process. [There were] three levels of surrender I had to walk through in order to arrive where I am today.”

She explained that founding Sisters Code was a product of her travel through these three integral levels of surrender:

  1. Surrender my Identity – “I had to give up the plan I thought I had for my life.” She said “When I surrendered, life showed up larger and more magical than I could have ever planned or imagined.”
  1. Surrender to my truth – “When I started Sisters Code, I looked beautiful on the outside, but my life was in turmoil. Trust me,” she assured the audience. “You cannot hide raggedy…It will show up every time. How in the world could I Awaken the Mature Geek, if I were asleep and living a lie?”
  2. Surrender the “I” for the “We” – “The awesomeness of understanding that life’s journey with all its twists and turns was not all about me.” Williams said. “Letting go of the ego was a fight, but worth it.”

With her new perspective, Williams rediscovered the power of her truth and values. Since then, she applied her 20+ years of Diversity, Inclusion, and tech expertise to create new opportunities for women in Tech.

“I truly hope [my story] serves as a source of empowerment as I [continue to] share my truth.”

Watch her incredible TEDTalk:

Sisters Code is a global social enterprise striving to entice, empower, and educate women between the ages of 25 – 85 to explore the world of coding and technology. Their goal is to bridge the technology gap by preparing women to re-career into the field of technology.