Sandra Casey Buford, Ph.D.

sandraSandra Casey Buford, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President – Decision Insight, Inc.

“Winner of the COMTO, Thomas E. Neusom Award

For Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion”

Sandra is a seasoned organizational development and behavior expert, who specializes in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), Social Justice, Cultural Competence, Change Management, and Organizational Transitions.  An author and researcher, Sandra’s corporate organizational leadership experience was gained working in a range of industries including academia, technology, healthcare, and transportation, in domestic and global settings.  She has worked in London and Windsor, UK, Paris, France, and also managed programs in Galway, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.  Her business and networking travels have also taken her to Barcelona, Spain, Riga, Latvia, and Canada.

Sandra was appointed as the first Diversity and Inclusion Director at the Massachusetts Port Authority, and served in that capacity for ten years, establishing a rich foundation of inclusion at Logan International Airport and Boston Maritime Operations.  Sandra was responsible for diversity and inclusion strategies for all levels of employees including senior managers, staff, union, non union, trades, including fire fighters, police, and capital programs. A milestone accomplishment was leading the establishment, development, and growth of integrated employee resource groups to promote inclusiveness and to leverage cross-organizational talent.  Sandra recommends ERGs as a key diversity and inclusion strategy for progressing and sustaining diversity and inclusion in all organizations.

Sandra has served as an adjunct professor in several Boston colleges and universities instructing graduate students in HR, OD and Management.  She additionally served as a faculty advisor, mentor, and coach for under-graduate and graduate students.  Sandra also served as an on-line professor for the University of Phoenix Ph.D. program, instructing and mentoring international students pursuing studies in Organizational Development and Behavior.  Sandra’s past and current consulting business focuses on diversity, inclusion, employee resource groups, generational issues, equity, and social justice, serving national and international clients.  

Throughout the years, no matter the organization, assignment or job title, Sandra has maintained a consistent track record of being committed to equity, equal access to opportunity, fair treatment, and dignity and respect for all people, regardless of their race, gender, nationality, religion, or other difference. Sandra is the CEO and Principal Consultant for Synergy Resources Consulting Group, and Strategist for Decision Insight Inc. (Organizational Transition and Executive Search).  Sandra’s corporate experience includes senior executive positions, including Director of Strategic Research for Diversity and Inclusion, and Director of Diversity (CDO), and Inclusion in transportation, and Global VP of Human Resources in technology.  

Sandra served on the board of AMAC (Airport Minority Advisory Council) for six years; and served as Vice Chair of the ACI (Airport Council International) Business Diversity Committee, Co-chair of the WTS (Women’s Transportation Seminar) Diversity Committee; and currently serves as board director of COMTO, Boston (Conference of Minority Transportation Officials).  In addition, Sandra is a member of the executive board of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Compact, and has served on the advisory board of Color Magazine (Color Media Group).  Sandra has served as a member of the HR Committee of the board of directors for Operation ABLE of Boston for three consecutive years.

Sandra believes that Diversity and Inclusion is an organizational priority, and a business imperative; and that everyone in the organization is a D&I stakeholder.  Sandra was also invited to present her research on Cultural Competence and Customer Service at the annual Passenger Terminal Expo and Educational Conference in Barcelona, Spain and Cologne, Germany.  

Sandra’s most recent consulting work includes addressing generational issues for workers and job seekers who are over the age of 55 at ABLE AgeWorks, in conjunction with MassHire and AARP.  In addition, Sandra partnered with Decision Insight Inc. to design and present a stellar diversity and inclusion workshop for the town of Hopkinton, the City of Quincy, and the town of Needham.  Sandra also served as a lead consultant for a diversity and inclusion milestone project for Lesley University, and designed and implemented a diversity and inclusion, gender-based training program for Keolis Commuter Rail Company located in Boston.  Most recently, Sandra served as a lead consultant conducting an organizational review of the HR, and EEO departments of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth resulting in a new talent management and diversity strategic plan.