Sabrina Kizzie: Leading By Example in the Social Media Age

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By Juri Love

Sabrina Kizzie is a respected marketing and social media speaker, a Capella University Ph.D. candidate in business management-marketing, and adjunct professor at Baruch College of Continuing and Professional Studies and Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute Zicklin School of Business.  She teaches social media marketing, interactive marketing, media plan development, and marketing communications.

“It is rewarding to be an instructor and help the next generation. I love helping them gain the knowledge and the skill set to be effective in their future aspirations,” said Ms. Kizzie.

As an instructor, speaker and student, Ms. Kizzie understands the importance of staying focused in a client deadline-driven and work-filled school day.  Networking events are a crucial component in creating her success, building her business, and maintaining “top of mind” status in the social media arena.

“I have found that the hallmark of success is taking those relationships offline. I make it a point to find ways to have face-to-face interactions with people in my social media network; I use [social media] to initiate interpersonal communication,” explained Ms. Kizzie.

She believes that effective leaders have good communication skills, integrity, good work ethic, and lead by example. Her commitment to serving others is both a personal and professional value. The tenants of integrity, living ethically, and being patient in a society geared toward instant gratification are extremely important to her.

“In order to have a well-balanced life, I believe that work, life, family, and spirituality are all important factors. You have to have time to nurture those things, to foster balance. People are one of the most important [valuable resources] for me.”

The impact of millennials and generation Z is challenging corporate America to become more community-oriented, mission-driven, and value-centered.

“Millennials want companies with benefits beyond [the] traditional. They are conscientious about looking for alternative ways of working and creating a work environment that challenges previous constructs,” expressed Ms. Kizzie.

Upon completion of her Ph.D., she intends to further her career in education, while focusing on increasing diversity in the digital space.

“I measure my success by the role I play in the lives of others. I am successful when I have a positive impact on their success. What I give to others is what makes me happy and what I want to be remembered for.”

Sabrina Kizzie will serve as the Moderator of the Millennial Mindset Panel Discussion at the SOLD OUT Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference hosted by State Street Corp on Friday, June 22nd, 2018.