Elissa Garza: Transforming Passion into Professional Lifestyle

By Karla Amador

San Diego, CA — Elissa Garza is the founder of Style Wire Inc., a social media marketing and consulting services company and lifestyle blog. In 2014, Style Wire Inc. began as a hobby for Garza to share her love of fashion, adventure, and marketing with readers around the globe. When her blog sky-rocketed to 20,000 followers, things began to shift dramatically for Garza, and local businesses started noticing.

Today, Garza uses her unique social platform to promote local fashion, offer event coverage in the New England area, and to help businesses market their products to Boston’s fashionistas and thrill-seekers.

“I love being a resource for local businesses and entrepreneurs; I believe social media and blogging are effective avenues for my clients to reach their audiences, achieve their mission and product goals, and share their message,” explained Garza.

To maintain a fresh and engaging brand, Garza keeps an eye on trends and building community through authentically connecting with her clients and followers.

“I am constantly working to improve and curate my relationships with people and grow my following, both on and offline, by networking and offering my followers useful information and suggestions,” Garza shared.

As a member of the Emerson Mafia, an online networking group for Emerson College alums, she understands the importance of leveraging one’s network, post-grad.  Many of Garza’s clients come from referrals.

“When networking, it’s important to remain open to new ideas and opportunities, as you never know where they could lead,” she commented.

Garza’s advice to young professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to start their own brands is to “focus on the quality of your product and your business, day in and day out.  As a Latina entrepreneur, influencer, and millennial, I believe that through the constant evolution of technology and social media, women of color have a greater opportunity now to [influence] change [in] perspectives on lifestyle, career paths, policy, and politics than ever before.”  

Elissa Garza will serve as a Millennial Mindset Panelist at the SOLD OUT Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference hosted by State Street Corp on Friday, June 22nd, 2018.