Putting Success in STEM

Passionate and inspired by technology, Reinier Moquete is as innovative of an entrepreneur as they come. As Founder and CEO of Advoqt Technology Group, Moquete oversees an organization that provides consulting to mid-sized companies and builds software that uses artificial intelligence to automate business processes.

“The vision behind [Advoqt Technology Group] is to develop a marquee technology products and services company that’s keenly focused on helping our customers grow revenue and increase profitability via Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Predictive Analytics,” says Moquete, “But then utilize those resources to invest them in different social ventures and in philanthropy.”

One of the philanthropic programs that Moquete is dedicated to is Latino STEM Alliance, which he co-founded with Raul Porras. Moquete and Porras started Latino STEM Alliance to inspire and educate children to go into STEM and see what a career in that industry could be. The organization supports about 400 kids a week across twenty different sites around the city of Boston.

“There’s not a clear path in which our kids can pursue that kind of industry,” says Moquete. “We find that the biggest gap of all is the inspiration gap. Regardless of how many opportunities you give someone, if they’re not inspired, they won’t succeed.”

In addition, Moquete is developing several workforce development programs such as the CyberWarrior Academy, which will operate as a boot camp to allow technology professionals to become cybersecurity professionals.

“Beyond that, part of what we do is mentor young professionals that are coming into the industry with the goal of getting their foot in but then growing and developing within the field,” says Moquete.

As an entrepreneur looking to help and mentor future entrepreneurs, he reflected that even in this age of technology it can be daunting to start your own business. Therefore, he’s become an advocate for building support systems for the community so that people have the guidance to pursue their dreams.

“Having the ability to invest in my community gives me a lot of pride,” says Moquete.

According to Moquete, the sky’s the limit! The most important step is giving kids that exposure to STEM so that they know that it’s an open door for them to explore.

“If you want to understand how the world works,” he says. “Take the time to understand science and technology.”