Max Faingezicht: Prioritizing Digital Entrepreneurship

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By Karla Amador

Boston, MA — Max Faingezicht is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of ThriveHive, a digital marketing solutions company that helps small to medium-sized businesses increase sales through Guided Marketing.

Max is responsible for overseeing the data science, systems, and engineering teams to make sure these operations working cohesively and effectively.

“Our mission is to guide businesses to achieve extraordinary local marketing results. To deliver on that promise we build interconnected software systems that automatically gather data and provide recommendations that improve over time,” he explained.

Looking ahead, Max mentioned that many tech companies are using AI and machine-learning algorithms to find patterns and personalize services and products for the user.

“It’s an exciting time to work in the field given all the new applications of AI that can make software more approachable and more effective,” he said.

For those who are thinking about their own startup ideas, Max encourages entrepreneurs to surround themselves with a team of people that makes them better; and to aim for a team where each individual brings a different perspective and a different skill set that one can learn from.

Through his years in entrepreneurship, Max observed that one of the biggest mistakes that young leaders make is wanting to answer all the questions themselves, it should be the other way around he remarked: “Those who are closest to the problem and the customer, are often the ones that ask the right questions and have the best solutions.”

Max finds that success is being able to look back with pride on what you worked so hard to build; witnessing growth in client numbers is rewarding because it is a sign of your teams’ own growth.

He believes in the value of empathy and makes a point of trying to understand what his team might be going through when solving a difficult problem or building a challenging part of the software. He likes to encourage and empower people to make their own decisions in order to innovate.

Finally, in his opinion, “It’s important to focus on the people first. Together you can build a product that is solving a real problem and creating real value for your customers,” he said.