Marian V. Esanu

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Marian V. Esanu

Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Entrepreneur — MVE Media

Born and raised in Romania, Europe, Marian immigrated to the United States 5 years ago. After working in local company for a short while, Marian started his first local business that was a local concierge company. Soon after launching his company, he understood the importance of online visibility & personal branding in the context of running any modern-day business.

In March 2018, Marian also joined the 2 Comma Club in the funnel hacking community, with one sales funnel that made over one million dollars in sales.

Today, he helps coaches, authors, speakers and service providers scale their business through high ticket sales funnels and the newest lead generation methods.

Marian is also the founder of Behind Closed Doors Podcast. Some of the noted individuals he has interviewed on his podcast include Billy Gene, Vince Reed, Mike Arce, Julie Stoian, Daniel Dipiazza, Mark Lack, and many more.