LIFTED Podcast Returns this December with New Content

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By Karla Amador

One of Massachusetts’ most inspiring Latino leaders Eric S. Rivas returns with another season of LIFTED Podcast (Living Independently Through Educated Decisions)!

The LIFTED podcast, now in its second year, educates local listeners on financial awareness and professional development through engaging conversations with local leaders, community stewards, and professionals from all backgrounds. “LIFTED podcast is about connecting our listeners with perspectives from successful people in their own neighborhood. It’s about ensuring that we gain an understanding of what steps people in our own communities have taken to become successful and give back to our children. In sum, we are bridging the gap between aspirations and reality,” explains Rivas. 

Eric S. Rivas, photographed at the 2017 Men of Color Leadership Conference hosted by State Street. (credit: Christopher Huang)

Eric S. Rivas, photographed at the 2017 Men of Color Leadership Conference hosted by State Street. (credit: Christopher Huang)

Rivas, who currently works as the Director of Operations at the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, believes in the power of mentorship and giving back to his community. “I grew up in Boston. A lot of people in the surrounding area don’t have as much access to information about where and how people just like them are thriving, or how they got to where they are today. My goal has always been to climb higher, partner with the right people, and give back to my community.” he says. 

In addition to Eric Rivas, LIFTED podcast is created through the efforts of Juan Rivas, Michael Lamerique, and Bryant Ruiz. The LIFTED team strives to provide engaging and accessible thought leadership to help listeners elevate their careers and lives. In previous seasons, Eric has invited local business people, athletes, poets, musicians, and other artists to provide diverse perspectives on success in Boston. This season, Rivas plans to highlight topics such as entrepreneurship, politics, financial awareness, mental health, and drug addiction.

“What motivates me to produce LIFTED podcast is being able to witness people out there doing what they love to do and sharing their stories,” he says.

When asked what advice he would offer late bloomers in their careers or those struggling in pursuit of their dreams, Eric encourages them to “keep up their devotion to the dream and never give up. Personal success is what you believe is measurable by appreciating the grind and celebrating your victories. Be authentic to yourself even if you’re a late bloomer and be around people who support you. Not everyone is meant to understand your dream.” 

Stream season 2 episode 1 featuring spoken word artist @Phree.Dom on Spotify or watch the full interview below. To stay up-to-date, follow @Ericsrivas on Twitter and @esrivas_lftd.