Kim Manigault: Transforming Values to Power

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By Evan J. Cutts

Cleaveland, OH—As Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of KeyBank,  Kim Manigault, CPA, sets the strategies, programs, and procedures that sustain KeyBank as a diverse and inclusive organization from top to bottom. In addition, she partners with executive leadership to ensure KeyBank’s culture is increasingly inclusive and engaging for the organization’s “high-performing, talented, and diverse workforce.”

“I am in a privileged position because I have the ability to help shape the culture of our organization. As a trusted advisor, it is imperative for me to maintain a deep understanding of D&I practices, our business and corporate strategies, our clients, and our employees,” she said.

For Manigault, that means understanding that D&I efforts are “a journey and not a finish line.” In other words, every day is spent further integrating D&I into KeyBank’s business strategy and culture.

Before transitioning into the D&I arena, Manigault served as the CFO for the Technology, Operations, and Procurement groups. Her new role offers a perspective shift in regards to quantifying “success” for herself and her team.

“While working in finance, success metrics were very specific and measurable. In my current role, that’s not the case; I measure success by the engagement of our employees. If everyone feels they can bring their authentic selves to work and can be respected for their perspectives, that is success,” she said.

Evidenced by Manigualt’s recognition as a “Top Executive in Corporate Diversity” by Black Enterprise, her values, leadership, execution have a major impact. 

“Everything I am, and everything I do emanate from honesty, integrity, reliability, and accountability. I believe it’s critical for a leader to be consistently genuine and caring as well. People will follow someone they trust, and people can spot insincerity,” she said. 

Manigault continued to offer critical advice to all other women looking to leave an impact in corporate America. 

“Be honest with yourself about what you want, and about what you are willing to do to get it,” she said. “As women, we are wired to be caregivers and to sacrifice ourselves to ensure everyone else is OK. Women, save some of yourself for yourself.” 

As a woman of color, Manigault comprehends difficulties and opportunities facing the women in today’s society, but she is not discouraged in the slightest.

“Today, We have a unique ability to speak our voices, to be heard, to collaborate and make changes.”

Kim Manigault will serve as an Executive Panelist at the SOLD OUT Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference hosted by State Street Corp on Friday, June 22nd, 2018.