Joy Economics: Why Recess Isn’t Just for 1st Graders

By Shani Godwin, CEO of Communiqué USA, Inc.

It took me a day to write a book about loving myself, but it took me a lifetime to learn the lessons.  When I released my first book, The Love Project: 365 Ways to Love Yourself and Get the Love You Deserve, little did I know it would teach me one of the greatest lessons of my life and usher in a new work/life philosophy that would change the course of my career.

As the owner of a fast-growing marketing firm, Communiqué USA, I was the walking epitome of stress.  My days were long, running from thing to thing, putting out fires, burning the candle on both ends, and my nights were sleepless. Something had to give.  There had to be a better way.

It was in the middle of one of those sleepless nights that I came up with a life-saving vision.  A new plan.  What if I stopped striving and started being?  What if I learned to play more and pursue joy instead of money and achievement?  What would life look like if joy was the currency by which I measured by my success? “JOY Economics,” I bolted out of bed.  And just like that my Live. Work. Play. corporate philosophy was born.

By shifting my focus from achieving to being, I have been able to rediscover the fun in my personal and work life.  Long gone are the days where I feel I must control everything.  Instead, I’ve learned to let work and life flow.  By taking time for me, I now show up focused and rested and my staff, my clients, my family, and friends all benefit.  So how did I do it?  I gave myself permission to have fun.  That’s right… by figuring out what matters to me, prioritizing and planning fun into my work day and being as intentional about my play time as I am about my work I have been able to find more joy in my days and infuse that same spirit into the very heart of my company.

So, this summer you can find me writing more, relaxing at the Braves Game with my team during our annual Play Day, delivering popsicles to our stressed-out clients and soaking up the sun.  A pretty simple epiphany in the middle of the night, but one that has proven valuable and profitable for my business and more importantly for my soul.

About Communiqué USA, Inc.:

Communiqué USA, Inc. has been providing marketing project relief and support to stressed out, overworked marketing departments throughout Atlanta and around the country. By providing Marketing Staffing, Creative Services, and HR Communications solutions, we are able to be that beacon of light on the shore, helping our customers to operate more efficiently and effectively and with a greater sense of wellbeing.

Although solving marketing and communications challenges is our first line of support, at our core, we are also passionate champions of creating work/life balance. We go HARD during business hours, but once we close our laptops for the day, we engage fully in our activities and lives outside of the office–and we try to inspire everyone in our community to do the same!

About Shani Godwin:

Shani Godwin is a CEO, public speaker, author, and LIVE. WORK. PLAY. enthusiast who is committed to helping businesses (and their people) excel through innovative work/life integration strategies and solutions. Punctuated by some of the real-life learning moments that propelled her start-up company to a 15-year, thriving enterprise, she explores topics such as boundary-setting, people over profits, passion-driven work and even sending yourself flowers when necessary!