Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz: Ascending Above Adversity

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By Karla Amador

Naperville, IL — As an entrepreneur, author, international speaker, philanthropist, pilot, and visionary, Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is an empowerment pioneer in creating new ways to unlock personal and professional potential, and she is inspired to change the world. “As CEO of JJR Marketing Solutions and Fig Factor Media, it is my mission to take your business to ‘ascending’ mode, whether in public relations, content and creative, or marketing solutions,” explains the Make-It-Happen Director.

In business strategy, Jacqueline starts with building human-centered relationships with people she encounters.  She pays forward the knowledge she’s gained through adversity and her climb to the top. “When you do what you’re called to do, you can change the world! I want to provide tools to help [people] share their stories and create their marks on this world,” she says.

Camacho-Ruiz dedicates her non-profit, Fig Factor Foundation, to be a game changer for Latinas ages fifteen to twenty-five who want to pursue their dreams through mentorships and educational leadership platforms. “I was inspired to start the foundation after reflecting on my first trials as an entrepreneur selling figs in my hometown Mexico City.” she recalls. “I learned that by facing adversity and striving to manifest my amazing life within, nothing was impossible.”

Her pioneering spirit also led her toward the sky and becoming one of the few Latina pilots in the United States. Out of six-and-half million US pilots, less than half a million are women and fewer than five-thousand are Latina women. Determined to close the gender gap in aviation, Camacho- Ruiz is creating space for Latinas to fly, through the #Pilotinas Scholarship.  This year’s award went to Rhiannon Mueller. “One can go through the military or commercial channels to obtain a pilot’s license, but aviation should be available as a hobby too,” she explains. “I am free to fly my nine-seater plane anytime I wish. Flying is one of the most rewarding experiences. Even though there’s a lot to learn, it’s all worth it. My co-pilot is a small teddy bear, named Amelia.”

When asked to reflect on the legacy she’d like to leave behind, Camacho-Ruiz answered, “I want my two children and people all over the world to have a meaningful opportunity to impact this world.  I encourage people to live their best lives and remind them they can land their own dreams.”