jackieglenn_headshot Jackie Glenn

Founder and CEO, Corporate Culture Architect, and Career Development Advisor — GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions

A pioneering Diversity and Inclusion expert Jackie Glenn lives by the mantra, “It’s better to be respected than liked.” Her groundbreaking initiatives have reshaped organizational policies, unified a multidimensional corporate culture, and generated international interest and intrigue. By solidifying business relationships, securing overwhelming buy-in and offering a wealth of information, Jackie was pivotal in guiding Fortune 500 EMC Corporation to personify its brand of innovation in the global community. 

As an engaging public speaker, Jackie begins every presentation with “Hi, I’m Jackie Glenn and I hail from the island of Jamaica!” This simply showcases that Jackie mirrors the behavior she expects – authenticity and confidence as defined by experience. Her zest for life and commitment to excellence has manifested itself by creating a corporate environment that embodies inclusivity, energy, and a mentality for change and growth. 

Jackie joined EMC Corporation in 2000 and quickly progressed to Senior Director of HR Operations for a global salesforce of more than 2000. In this role she conceived, planned, and developed programs in organizational development, leadership consulting, employee training and development. She is known for her ability to recognize high-potential talent and as such individual coaching and mentoring became a key resource for those who wanted to raise their game. 

Jackie’s leadership as Global Chief Diversity Officer resulted in a number of industry-recognized best practices. She created a groundbreaking transgender reassignment and benefits program, multiple women’s corporate advancement immersion experiences, and recruiting partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that feature a summer internship and build a pipeline of high- potential future employees in the STEM field. She introduced corporate-wide affinity circles that acknowledge the power of influence when like-minded individuals join forces. 

These initiatives have resulted in various honors and press coverage for EMC including; DiversityInc who listed EMC as a Top 25 Noteworthy Company, Disability Matters named EMC a Leading Employer and a five year run with a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. 

Jackie has been awarded and acknowledged globally for her commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Some of them include Champion of Diversity (NY Urban League), Founder’s Award (Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights & Economic Justice, Black History Leadership (Whittier Street), Boston’s 100 Most Influential People (Get Konnected!), Top 10 Influential Women in Diversity (Diversity Global Magazine), and Women of Excellence/Global Women’s Champion (National Association for Female Executives). 

Jackie holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from LesleyUniversity, Cambridge, MA and a bachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College, Boston. Her love for community advocacy and civic leadership includes service on the Board of the Children’s Services of Roxbury (MA), the Board of the African-American Museum of Boston, and the Board of Overseers of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. 

A world traveler, she frequently hosts national and international conferences, participates on industry panels, and addresses groups on what she knows best – diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the advancement of women in technology, transgender reassignment, and living a fulfilled life. 

The founder and principal of Glenn Diversity and HR Solutions where she provides: 

➢ Management/Executive Coaching; 

➢ Diversity/Inclusion Training/Workshop Facilitator 

➢ D/I Strategy Development 

➢ Speaker Series 

➢ Diversity Audit/Survey 

➢ Mergers/Integration Facilitation 

➢ Global Program Implementation/Collaboration 

➢ Community Social Responsibility 

She is the author of the book, “Lift As I Climb ~ An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America” An instructional biography of how she employed her ten self-created gems to provide guidance through her journey from a Nanny to Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer. She shares how lifting others, as she climbed the corporate ladder, became a lifestyle. 

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