Heman Armstrong

hemanarmstrong  Heman Armstrong

  Poet/Filmmaker — “The S Project, Sincerely”

Heman Armstrong was born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. His Mother Jennifer Armstrong and His Father Eon Armstrong were both born in Guyana, Located in the continent of South America. He is the only child of the two, which puts a lot of pressure on his back.” If I screw up, who’s next to try?, nobody; so I have to be successful, I have no choice” he stated. Growing up he was always the odd type. He never really played video games or played sports, but was always seen on a computer creating some craft of some sort.

At the age of nine, Heman would record family events and take pictures, to later construct a montage so that family members can have memories of. He created his first short film in 2009 in the backyard of his childhood home in Brooklyn. He gathered his little cousins and began to film them playing a game of “Cops and Robbers”. Mr.Armstrong decided to give it a twist and storyline to make it more interesting from his perspective; after spending hours editing his first film he showed his family members, during a private screening he held in the living room of his home. After receiving positive feedback from his first film “GunDown509” he started to compose more visuals. “That first film? Boy was it CRAPPY!! But I still cherish that film like the ones I have created recently, it shows my artistic visual ideas as a child and the growth that I have made,” he remarked.

After going to middle school with a passion for a film he decided to attend a film camp. This gave him more exposure, which made Heman fall in love with visual art. Today Heman has made multiple short films, music videos, documentaries, and creative videos that express different senses of fashion with artistic themes. Filmmaking has become a lifestyle for him, not just a career goal. Heman is working hard to build a foundation in order to assemble his own empire. He says that although he may not have a mentor guiding him every step of the way, he has experience with failing, learning, and then continuing to pursue his goals.

Mr. Armstrong is a current graduate of Binghamton University. He received his bachelor’s degree in cinema and is still continuing to do what he loves. He has a passion for filmmaking and creating a difference in his community. Heman’s documentary, “The S Project, Sincerely” debuted in 2019. It explores themes of mental health—anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, substance abuse, and more—among students of various ethnic backgrounds to expand the conversation on mental well-being.