Hallie Bregman, PhD

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Hallie Bregman, PhD 

Owner and Advisor at The Bregman Group, LLC. 

Dr. Hallie Bregman is an accomplished talent strategy and analytics leader, passionate about culture and innovation. Experienced in high-growth technology startups, she is focused on building inclusive practices and designing novel, data-driven talent strategies. Dr. Bregman is recognized as a visionary in crafting full-funnel data solutions and leveraging innovative technology, designed to support the company mission and culture via automation, skill-building, and cross-functional partnerships. She is passionate about building exemplary and personalized employee experiences, pushing the boundaries of best practices as a trailblazer. Hallie is a thought leader in the talent space, as featured in HR Tech, HR Leaders Live, RedThread Research, Modern People Leaders, Hacking HR, and via various conferences, industry-leading podcasts, and academic institutions (Columbia, Stanford, MIT). 

Dr. Bregman earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami.